Announcing The Simply Thank You Engagement Workshop

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We’re excited to announce a new Partnership with our friends at Simply Thank You. Over the past few months Ashton McGill founder Alasdair McGill has worked with the Simply Thank You Team to design their new Engagement Workshops, which he will deliver to teams across the UK.

We know that training people to accept and spread new values, and to embed them, is difficult. Does preaching new cultural rules really inspire people to live specific values?

Company principles are embedded slowly, but you can teach managers and employees how to live your values and the benefits of doing so, and over time they become second nature. The Engagement Workshops focus on giving people the education, understanding and drive to bring them to life.

Using the principles of human-centred design, Alasdair will help managers and staff understand why customers and employees behave the way they do, how practices can be designed to be more people-friendly, and how to accelerate the service-profit chain to build loyalty, advocacy and growth.

Engagement Workshops will challenge you to stop making assumptions, teach you how to listen with empathy and unlock natural creativity, in turn reducing operating costs and churn, and increasing referrals and recommendations.

To find out how these workshops can benefit your organisation, simply get in touch!

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