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The Business Model Canvas: Design plays an important role in everything we do. And taking a design-led approach helps to create truly innovative business models which consistently meet the needs of their customers. A truly successful business model is thoughtfully designed with its customers at its heart. And this customer-centric approach creates loyal, happy customers and builds brand recognition.

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The Business Model Canvas is a creative tool for designing customer-centred business models which disrupt the market and stand out from competitors. It’s a tool for innovators and gamechangers looking to challenge outdated business models. Using the Business Model Canvas, we help our customers design innovative business models that keep up with the paces of change. Here we’ve created a digital guidebook to the canvas to help you develop visionary, new enterprises.

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Everything that we do has been thoughtfully designed around the needs of business owners. We've learned what those are from years of research, and we've used our design expertise to create an accounting experience that breaks with convention and puts you at the heart of the process. It's Accountancy re-imagined.