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You've been in business for a while, seen and done it all. You've got the t-shirt and the scars to prove it. But you're still ambitious, you still want more. You know your industry could be better, and know that it should be you that's doing the disrupting and not being disrupted.

You need an accountant who'll challenge you to think differently, to reinvent the 'way things are done'. Someone who'll think beyond the numbers and who'll help you drive your business forward. Hello! That's us, let's talk.

You Count

Your business matters to us. We’re excited to work with you and help you understand your business finances better. We’ll help you grow your business and we're here for you when you need us. Maybe we’ll even help you love numbers too...

We Count

Adding stuff up and making sense of the numbers is what we do. Managing your finances, and helping you understand them makes us happy. It’s a two way relationship, and you need to be just as invested in this as we are. That way, we’ll add real value.

What’s included?

Simple & Supportive

There's nothing worse than an accountant who doesn't return your calls or emails. We know, we've been there! You need someone that's proactive; who speaks to you regularly; who calls you out of the blue to tell you about something they think you need to know.


Let's face it, everything is online nowadays, so it make sense that your accounts should be too. We'll help you choose the best suite of software for your business, then set it up for you & show you how it works. All of which we'll do in plain English, so you'll understand what's going on!

Your Finance Director

You don't need to hire a full-time bean counter when you've got us in your corner - think of us as your virtual Finance Director. We've run businesses ourselves, still do in fact, so we bring a broader perspective and commercial expertise that you won't find elsewhere.

The detail

Like the sound of this but want to know more? We thought so. We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions to help you.

Most businesses just use the generic reporting that comes ‘out of the box’. We’re not a fan of them, so we’ll setup the reports so that they’re tailored to your business.
Managing cashflow is a huge challenge for many businesses. The old adage of ‘Cash is King’ holds true. We can help you get on top of cashflow, and because we use online accounting for EVERY client, we’ll be able to keep an eye on things remotely.
A Non-Executive Director (NXD) can add a huge amount of value to a business. A good NXD brings an independent perspective and will not only challenge the Board to make sure that you’re making the right decisions, they’ll also input on things like strategy and finance. They’ll also have their own network of contacts and may be able to make strategic introductions for you.
Yes! For many of our clients, we act as their Finance Director, helping prepare and present monthly accounts as well as advising on things like pricing, financing, and business strategy. We’ve run businesses for over 25 years, so we bring a wealth of experience that our clients value, and which helps their businesses to grow.
We get it. Things change. From time to time you might need help with things like raising finance, making acquisitions, maybe even selling your business. Or just good old-fashioned strategy and business planning. We can do all of these and more. Where we can we’ll quote you a fixed fee for the work, otherwise it’ll be done on an hourly rate, which we’ll agree with you before any work is done.
Then I guess we’re not the accountants for you.

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Let us find out more about you and explore how we can work together to grow your business. You Count. We Count.