For many people Freelancing has become a way of life. You're in control of your destiny and you can do whatever the hell you want. You need an accountant who'll help you keep on top of the numbers and make sure you pay your taxes when they're due.

Hello! That's what we're here to do.

You Count

Your business matters to us. We’re excited to work with you and help you understand your business finances better. We’ll help you grow your business and we'll be here for you when you need us. Maybe we’ll even help you love numbers too...

We Count

Adding stuff up and making sense of the numbers is what we do. Managing your finances, and helping you understand them makes us happy. It’s a two way relationship, and you need to be just as invested in this as we are. That way, we’ll add real value.

What’s included?

Self-Assessment Tax Return

As a Sole Trader, you're required to submit a self-assessment tax return each year. We'll help you get setup with HMRC, make sure you know what you need to do & what records you need to keep.


Let's face it, everything is online nowadays, so it make sense that your accounts should be too. We'll help you choose the best software for your business, then set it up & show you how it works. All of which we'll do in plain English, so you'll understand what's going on!

Support &

Not sure about something? Want some advice on expenses? Some guidance on pricing? As an Ashton McGill client you'll have access to a range of different resources that have been designed to make accounting & tax simple. You can also tweet us, give us a call, or drop in!

The detail

Tax doesn't have to be taxing - we want to make things as easy as possible for you. Here are some common questions we get asked.

Technically, no. As long as you keep a record of your income & expenditure then it’s not necessary. However, the bigger your business becomes, the more helpful it will be to have a separate bank account. If you’re not sure, just give us a call.
We could write a whole website about expenses! The main thing to ask yourself is this – is the expense wholly, necessarily and exclusively for business purposes? If the answer to that question is yes, then you can claim it. If the answer is no, then you may still be able to claim for some of it. If you’re not sure, best give us a call.
The tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April the following year. Your self-assessment tax return has to be filed with HMRC by 31st January, which is also the point when you have to pay any tax that’s due. Depending on how much tax you have to pay, in subsequent years you may have to pay a balance ‘on account’ on 31st July. Tax is complicated – best give us a call.

The answer is….it depends! Sole Trader is usually the best option for someone starting out, but there may be good reasons for using a Limited Company. During our Discovery Call we’ll ask a number of questions, which will help us advise you on what’s best for your own personal circumstances.
You’ll see a lot of accountants talk about doing ‘compliance work’. That’s their ham-fisted way of saying that they will ‘help’ you comply with your legal obligations to file accounts and tax returns. These things need to be done, and done well, but a modern accountant should be more proactive and helpful than that. It’s basically jargon, used by unhelpful bean-counters, who will be replaced by robots before too long.
Whee!!! We’re delighted that you’d want to work with us. We love numbers, and we love helping our clients. There’s a really simple ‘switching’ service that we’ve designed to make it easy to join our accounting revolution. You can start that process right now by Clicking here.

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