Get Creative!

Everyone has the ability to be creative.

In most organisations, innovation is the preserve of the few. Most people are too busy to get involved and even if they had time, they’ve lost the ability to think creatively. It’s been educated out of us. But that isn’t how it needs to be. We’ll help you unlock that potential.

Everyone has huge creative capacities. The challenge is to develop them. A culture of creativity has to involve everybody, not just a select few.

– Sir Ken Robinson

How do you generate ideas?

There are many ways to generate ideas. One of the most successful is to use Design Thinking, which can be used to solve just about any problem or challenge. We’ve used it many times to improve existing products & services or create new ones. The possibilities are endless. Here’s our approach:

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    At the outset we don’t accept that the problem we’ve been asked to solve is the one we should be solving, so we carry out research to understand what the ‘real’ problem is. Often there can be an underlying reason that is causing the problem – we need to work out what that is.

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    Next, we spend time analysing the results of the Discovery phase. We’re looking for any insights that might have been gained, and making sure that we have a deep understanding of the issues. This allows us to properly define what it is that we’re trying to solve.

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    This is the fun stage! Known as ‘ideation’, this is where we start generating ideas for how the problem might be solved. Often this is done through facilitated brainstorming sessions, although there are other ways to do this, and it’s the stage in the process where genuine innovation can take place.

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    Finally these ideas will be narrowed down to workable solutions that have potential to solve the problem. These will then be prototyped and tested to get user feedback, before the final solutions are implemented.

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