Our client was a well respected architectural practice, established in 2004. We were brought in to help with some operational challenges they were having.

We interviewed a range of clients and found a common theme – a lack of understanding around the process. This resulted in clients getting frustrated and having to contact the firm to find out what was going on.

Using the feedback from the clients, and working together with the team, we designed a new customer journey. One where clients were informed, in plain English, what was happening at each stage of the process. We created a number of documents to be shared so that clients would always know what was going on, timescales, and what would happen next.

Architecture is a more challenging environment than people realise, however we weren’t making it easy for ourselves. By involving our staff and clients, we were able to find the best way to communicate progress. As a result, we have happier clients and we’re more productive, which has led to an increase in profits. I couldn’t be happier.

Firm Managing Partner


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