In the summer of 2013 we were approached by a company that was launching a new business in the professional services sector. They had hired a team with the capability to operate the business, but they were inexperienced when it came to running a company. What they needed was someone with experience to provide leadership and to work with the owners on the strategy and direction for the business.

With over 25 years experience of running businesses across a variety of industries, we were ideally placed to help. The plan was for us to work in the business a couple of days a week, to help get it launched and then to train and mentor a couple of the team for leadership roles. The intention was that one of those would become MD within six months.

This was a classic interim role – turn up with all of your experience, hit the ground running, and then slowly transition out of the business as the team gain confidence and capability. This project lasted for six months and we maintained a seat on the Board for the first year.


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