Growing a business brings its’ challenges. One of those is keeping on top of the numbers. The old saying of ‘Cash is King‘ was never truer than at this stage. However, hiring an accountant isn’t cheap, so what do you do when you need the resource, but you haven’t got the budget?

That was the dilemma our client faced. There also wasn’t enough work to keep a full-time accountant busy, but they knew they needed access to that expertise as well as the commercial nous that an experienced FD would bring.

Fortunately their bank knew about what we do, and put them in touch with us. Our Discovery workshop identified a couple of other areas where an interim FD could add value. We agreed on a couple of days a month initially and as the business continued to grow this evolved to a day a week.

The client was delighted – they had an experienced FD working for them at a fraction of the cost. Their bank were equally pleased, and happy to support the continued growth knowing that we were on top of the finance.

The company has continued to grow and recently hired a full-time accountant. We continue to support them as well as sitting on the Board in a non-exec capacity.



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