The art of visual storytelling.

Film has the power to change the way you communicate forever. But without a strong story will your video content be memorable? We help you find your story.

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    Creating film that makes a difference for your organisation doesn’t happen by magic. Planning is at the heart of what we do. We listen. We challenge. We guide. Together, we create a plan to deliver film that delivers for you.

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    Film has the power to change the way you communicate forever. But without a strong story will your video content be memorable? We help you find your story. And, we tell it in the most creative way possible.

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    A perfectly planned video with an engaging story counts for very little if it looks and sounds terrible. We use the latest camera, lighting and audio technology to capture your story perfectly. And we’ve got the editing tools and skills to bring your story to life.

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    The film we create together is worthless if nobody sees it. We’ll provide an HD version of your film that you can use in anyway you’d like, but we go further. We help deliver your story to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and your own website.

Got something to sell? A lesson to teach? A powerful message to share? Or a moment to capture? Video delivers, like no other media. Film makes a deeper connection. Film creates instant credibility. Film builds trust. Whatever your communication goals – get there faster and smarter with your own professional video. And with social media fuelling the rise of video consumption – video is now an expectation, not a nice to have. Whether you’re stealing a march on your competition or playing catch up – there’s never been a better time to embrace video for your organisation.

Whether you’re selling a product, a service or an idea – video is the most powerful way to present your message. Film has the power to persuade and turn strangers into raving fans, faster than any other media. The combination of moving pictures and sound is unique. And, until recently, it was the preserve of the few who had deep pockets. AM Video delivers video that doesn’t require a Hollywood budget. We deliver promotional videos that help you sell more.
Events are moments in time. Video lets them live on long after the closing keynote has lapped up her standing ovation. Events are dynamic and it’s impossible to replicate some of the magic moments that happen as your event unfolds. Maybe you’re using video to share keynote presentations with attendees. Or, perhaps you’re using film to drive sales for your next event, by creating a powerful showreel. Whatever you need – AM Video has the experience and skills to deliver.
There’s a reason YouTube has becomes the World’s biggest teaching resource. Search ‘how to…’ into YouTube and you’ll more than likely find a video that helps you do it. We’re comfortable learning from strangers through video. Even if sometimes the quality isn’t all that it could be, video is a powerful teacher. AM Video has the capability to educate without compromising on quality. And just like the best teachers, we deliver video that educates, informs and inspires.

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