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Wordpress Developed

We Specialise in building WordPress websites – we chose to do it this way so you, the client, can update your site whenever you want to. It also doesn’t restrict you to an in-house built system that can get very tricky to use. WordPress are constantly updating and evolving with new technology, meaning you get a modern and up-to-date site.

What do we do?

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    Creating a great website is all about the planning. We establish your website’s purpose and who your users are going to be.

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    Creation and Design

    After the Planning stage we then get our heads down and create a sitemap and some templates based on our conversation.

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    Once we’ve agreed the site design we then add the content (which we can help with if needed!)

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    When we’re done finalising the content, we then begin to do final tests for all of the features and check everything runs as it should do.

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    There’s no point designing a new website and not telling anyone about it! We’ll help you create a launch campaign for your new site and make it LIVE!!

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