A Day in the Life with Alasdair McGill

We love helping people build better businesses. Whether it’s demoing a new product for a client, or running a workshop, every day we’re lucky enough to work with some amazing businesses and be a part of their journey. And nothing makes us happier than seeing them thrive. 

Using a unique blend of business experience and design thinking, our Co-Founder Alasdair brings a truly magic touch to everything he does. As an accountant, a designer and an educator, he’s passionate about people. Doing everything with compassion and empathy, he envisioned a different model for accounting. One that puts the client first; that’s simple, smart and supportive, with a focus on helping businesses to grow. Partnering with his son, Andy, they used their shared vision to build Ashton McGill. 2 years into the Ashton McGill journey, we’re now a growing team driven by a shared goal for truly helping our clients, with curiosity, integrity and camaraderie. 

As well as being our Co-Founder & Head of Accounts, Alasdair is also a trained service designer, taking a human-centred approach to everything he does. He provides additional value to our clients through strategy sessions, design workshops, and general financial wizardry! 

Read on for a typical day in the life of Alasdair McGill!

Team meeting & coffee

a day in the life

Because what Monday would be complete without coffee?! Monday mornings are the perfect time to sit down as a team, reflect on the big takeaways from the previous week, and outline the agenda for the week ahead. At Ashton McGill, team meetings are so important, since we all share the same goals and objectives, based around the purpose of helping our clients. Every Monday morning, you’ll find Alasdair with a flat white in hand, going over his big ideas with the team. 

Float Demo with Client 

Float is cash flow forecasting and management software which helps businesses visualise their operational cash flow. Pulling data from Xero, QuickBooks or FreeAgent, Float generates highly accurate, detailed forecasts based on a range of different business scenarios. During a typical Float demo, Alasdair will show clients how to use the software to forecast future cash movements, empowering them to make great decisions. 

Review Meeting

Alasdair has probably had more review meetings than he has coffees (well, almost!). These quarterly meetings are the perfect opportunity to catch-up with clients, check in with them and generally chat about their business. During a typical review meeting, Alasdair will go over the management accounts from the client’s last financial quarter, as well as their big takeaways and achievements. But the meeting is also about proactively looking forward and planning for the future; it’s an opportunity for the client to discuss their big plans and long-term goals, the current challenges they might be facing, and how these can be overcome. Whether it’s working less hours, or hiring more staff, Alasdair will really listen to understand the client’s needs, using his wealth of expertise to help them turn that vision into a reality. Towards the end of the meeting, Alasdair will then capture the all-important next steps, setting KPIs with the client so they can proactively measure their success. 

Team Lunch

After a busy morning, it’s time to sit down for a team lunch! Sometimes we’ll order food into the office, or we’ll sit down together as a team, pop on some tunes and chat about life. 

Forecasting Workshop 

a day in the life

After a quick refuel, it’s time for another client meeting. Sitting down with the MD of a fast-growing business we work really closely with, Alasdair will work with them to update their forecasts and plan for the future. Using a suite of powerful reporting tools, Alasdair will generate high-level reports using drivers as the building blocks for forecasting revenue, costs and the success of the business. He’ll also work with them to track financial and nonfinancial KPIs and build a goal-setting plan. It’s high-level work, but it’s extremely rewarding, and something our clients really value. 

Discovery Call

a day in the life

To round off the afternoon, it’s time for a discovery call with a potential client. These occur on a weekly basis, either in person if the client is local, or over Zoom if they’re based elsewhere in the UK. The discovery call is a perfect opportunity for us to learn more about a potential client’s business, to understand the unique challenges they’re facing, and how we can help them overcome those challenges. It’s also a chance to see if we’re a good fit for clients, and if they’re a good fit for us. During these calls, Alasdair will really get to know the business, asking the right questions, and outlining how the Ashton McGill team can be a part of their journey. 

We are currently looking to hire an exceptional senior accountant into the newly created managerial position of Service Delivery Manager. If this article has connected with you, please contact our recruitment partner Andrew Ferguson at Vero to review a full Vacancy Schedule.


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