Becoming an employer of choice – 5 steps to success.

Although we talk a lot about the customer experience, the same principles can be applied to how we treat our employees. After all, if we want to deliver exceptional customer experiences, then we need our people to be on-board with that and to share our vision. What better way to do that than to treat them in exactly the same way!


Let’s look at how you can do that.


Five steps to a better employee experience


  1. Start with Why. If you’re not clear on your core purpose, then how can you expect your team to get it? If you haven’t watched this TED Talk from Simon Sinek, then go and do that now before you read any further!
  2. Map your Employee Journey. Just as we use a Customer Journey Map to capture the customer’s journey with a business, mapping the employee’s journey can be equally powerful for the organisation. Don’t forget to include your employees in the process. Consider every ‘touchpoint’, using the Service Stage of Before, Beginning, During and After as a guide. Think about what happens at every stage, from the employer & employee perspective. That will include how you recruit, the interview process, inductions, training, appraisals, the working environment, payroll, how people exit the business and so on.
  3. Test the Journey Map with your employees. Once you’ve mapped the journey, ask your employees for feedback. What works well; what’s not so good? What have you missed? Where are the pain-points in the process. How does it make them feel? Ideally you should also ask candidates who you didn’t hire for their thoughts. They may not have got a job with you, but they will have a feeling about your organisation.
  4. Use this feedback to redesign the Employee Journey. Now you can use the feedback to redesign your processes to make them a more positive experience for your employees. If they feel good about your organisation, they are more likely to want to deliver a good service to your customers.
  5. Continually review the Employee Journey. This is just the start of the process. Map it, test it, refine it, operate it, then review the results. It’s a cycle, and one that will always deliver positive results. Not only will your staff feel better about the organisation, by involving them in the process, and co-designing with them, they will feel a sense of pride and ownership. That’s worth a great deal.


It’s not rocket science.


Most of this is common sense. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. However, in the world of work that simple idea has been lost.


This is an opportunity to win it back.


Do this and you will stand out from the crowd. People will want to work in your organisation.


You will become an Employer of Choice.


How can you embed this approach in your organisation?


What would prevent you from doing this?