Business Expenses: A Case for Doing Things Differently

When it comes to finance, we can harness the power of technology to streamline our processes and help our businesses thrive. Why should expenses management be any different? 

As businesses, we all incur some sort of expenses. Some businesses have more expenses than others and this is just due to the set up or type of industry the business is in. 

In a world where we’re empowered to work from anywhere, let’s challenge the old guard and make our systems work for us. 

Expenses, the old way.

When we think of expenses management, we typically think of reimbursements, tedious paperwork, and an onslaught of monthly expense reports. Doing expenses the traditional way means an employee paying for stuff out of their own pocket, and often going months without being reimbursed. They’re left waiting for end of the month bank statements or expense reports to arrive. Then there’s the hassle of receipt hunting, not to mention that dreaded feeling when paper receipts get lost. All in all, it’s a tedious and time-consuming process. 

Managing expenses manually is a major time suck for your team and for your business as a whole. Employees spend valuable time every month trawling through receipts and files to then submit expenses reports. This takes them away from the things they should be doing and it’s not fun for anyone. Doing things manually also leaves a margin for error, particularly in smaller teams where one person is tasked with taking care of all the expenses. 

All that time spent manually entering data and going through the expenses report process every month? It adds up. It also stifles innovation and productivity, eating away at precious time that could be spent building a better business, or even just doing the things you and your team love. 

But there’s a better way. 

A case for doing things differently. 

Let’s face it, the old model of expenses management is clunky and outdated. It impedes our businesses and takes away from our productivity and collective power as a team. With cumbersome processes and outmoded systems, we’re held back, unable to work to our full potential. 

You’re ambitious, you’re forward-thinking and you want to do things differently. Don’t let the old ways of doing things hold your business back. 

Introducing Pleo. 

We care about our team, we trust them, so let’s let them directly spend the company’s money. 

Our team is our most valuable asset, they want to feel valued and appreciated. And Pleo helps us do that. No more expenses reports, no more chasing paper receipts. Just a company card for everyone and an app on their phone. 

Automate expenses and simplify company spending with Pleo. Everyone in the team gets their own company credit card, making them feel valued and trusted. Set team member spending limits, catch receipts with an app instantly and see expenses all in one place, in real-time. 

With Pleo’s automatic receipt finder, Fetch, you can connect Pleo to your email account and match all of your online receipts with your expenses automatically. When you make an online purchase or a subscription payment, Fetch will automatically find the receipt in your inbox. No need to add a photo or screenshot. Fetch can also work back in time to catch all of those receipts from up to 12 months ago that you never added to Pleo. Say goodbye to time wasted trawling through old piles of paper receipts. 

It’s 2020, why shouldn’t we be using beautiful technology to simplify our expenses? Especially when it gives financial freedom to your team, whilst helping you stay in control. 

As a growing business, finance already takes up a huge amount of time. With Pleo, that’s one less headache for you and your employees. 

Power to your people.

Pleo unlocks a whole new world for building relationships with your team. It empowers them, builds trust and most importantly, keeps them happy. And we all know that happier teams are more productive teams. In turn, helping our employees feel more fulfilled strengthens our organisations. Because when we feel like a truly valued and trusted member of our team, like we belong, we can go on to achieve incredible things, together. This goes on to strengthen our culture, our brand, and the way we work, in a ripple effect that supercharges our whole organisation. 

Pleo is so much more than just business expenses. It’s trust, transparency and simplicity. It’s power to your people. 

At AM, we’re big fans of Pleo and we regularly use it for team lunches and one-on-one coffees. We’re also passionate about lifelong learning, constantly striving to improve what we do and how we do it. And Pleo is a powerful tool that helps us achieve that. To help our team flourish and grow, we’ve set a monthly budget for learning at AM which enables our team to buy books, attend webinars or spend it on anything else that sparks their interests and ignites their passions. It’s a great way to help your team feel more valued and appreciated, whilst enabling them to build on key skills and follow their interests. It also motivates them to show up for work every day with a clear sense of why they do what they do, and helps them truly champion your cause. 

Pleo gives us the power to invest in our team, whilst inspiring us to do what we do, better. 

The future of work with Pleo.

If the last few months are anything to go by, the future of work is shifting vastly. In a world where work from home is the new default and the office space is starting to look like an antiquated notion, we need the systems in place that allow us to work more flexibly and fluidly, whether that’s at home, in the office, or at the cafe down the road. We also need the infrastructures in place to build teams based on trust, transparency and value. Let’s embrace the power of technology to help us do what we do better. Technology that empowers our people, wherever they might be, that helps our businesses run more smoothly, and keeps us ahead of the curve, no matter what comes our way. 

With tools like Pleo, we’re armed to build the businesses of tomorrow.