Business Forecasting

The Future of Business Forecasting

Do you see business forecasting as fundamental to your overall business strategy, or do you think it’s a waste of time? Is it something you just don’t have the time for? Or maybe you don’t know where to start?


We want to create an informative and collaborative conversation around forecasting. And this post aims to expel those forecasting myths and provide some insight around budgeting, planning and estimating future business growth. We’d love to know your thought on this. So, tweet us, email us, or leave a comment on this post. Let’s start the conversation!


Forecasting for the Future


business forecasting


Ashton McGill was born out of a mutual need for change. As business owners, we were dissatisfied with the way the accounting industry operated. The traditional accountant wasn’t customer friendly or proactive, and they didn’t provide any additional value for their customers. There was no innovation and no desire for change, or for putting the customer first.


After noticing these frustrations, we decided to do something about it. So, we rebranded Ashton McGill as a customer-centric accountancy firm. We provide simple, smart and supportive accountancy services that help our customers to grow.


And we want to do the same thing for business forecasting, too.


Our whole philosophy is based on disrupting the status quo and never settling for less. We believe if things can be better, they should be. Harnessing the power of design, we aim to innovate and disrupt traditional, outdated ways of doing things. And we’re currently in the process of creating a new, user-friendly Forecasting Canvas that will do just that.


The Ashton McGill Business Forecasting Canvas


business forecasting


We regularly use creative tools like The Business Model Canvas, and they’re something our clients find really valuable. So, we’re taking this same design-thinking approach for business and applying it to forecasting. (You can download our free guide to the BMC here.)


Let’s face it: buisness forecasting can be clunky and confusing. It can be daunting and cumbersome if you don’t know where to start. And even if you do, it’s pretty inaccessible, too. It’s difficult to forecast properly unless you’re a financial expert with access to the right tools and software. But you shouldn’t have to rely on an accountant or a financial whizz to help you plan for your business. We believe that power should be in your hands. After all, your business is your dream, it’s your livelihood and ambition. You have the right to understand the numbers and to shape the future of your business.


So, we want to find a way to make forecasting accessible to business owners on a basic level.


We believe you shouldn’t have to run your business blindfolded. By spotting financial hiccups early, you can avoid any unexpected losses that might be hidden round the bend. We want to create a basic tool which allows you to map out your future projections and assumptions. A tool that helps you budget, plan and prepare to meet targets head-on. And most importantly, one that helps you avoid those nasty pitfalls and obstacles looming in the financial year ahead. A creative tool that challenges your assumptions and makes you think differently about your business. No complicated graphs. No clunky excel spreadsheets.


To our knowledge, no such tool exists. So that’s why we’re in the process of creating one.


The Power of Co-design


business forecasting


We want to make sure this tool is the best that it can be. That’s why we’d like to co-design it with you so it’s as user-friendly as possible. We’d also like to make sure it’s something you’ll actually find valuable.


So, we’ve put together a survey with 6 quick questions to help us gauge the potential demand for a creative forecasting tool. We’d really appreciate if you took a couple of minutes to fill it in. By putting you at the heart of the design process, we can ensure our forecasting tool truly meets your needs!


You can access the survey here.