How can you make your customers’ lives easier?

How often do you find yourself getting frustrated with a service experience?


Pretty often, huh?


You see, most organisations don’t think about things from their customers’ perspective. Unless you can stand in your customers shoes and see things from their perspective, then you will continue to deliver a service TO people that doesn’t meet their needs.


Sure, we’ll keep on using it, but if something better comes along, then we’re off….


I was talking to an organisation last week that has a 20% customer churn rate. That’s incredibly high, and suggests to me that they’re simply not delivering a service that meets their customers needs over time. As we drilled into why this was happening, I was met with a lot of assumptions as to why this was happening. But here’s the thing – no-one had thought to ask the customers why they were leaving!


How do you find out what customers want?


It’s not rocket science, but if you can get into the habit of seeing things from their perspective, and design your service to satisfy their needs and problems, and make it easy for them to do business with you, then you’ll be onto a winner!


How can you apply this to your business?


What would stop you from making your customers’ lives easier?