How to create professional video for your business

Need professional looking video for your business? No problem­— we’ve got you covered.

In this article we’ll be sharing some tricks of the trade to ensure that you shoot the best looking video content that makes your business shine. So let’s get started!


Use a Tripod


There’s nothing worse than sloppily shot, shaky footage. Not only is it enough to give you a headache, but it also looks unprofessional and is communicating the wrong message about your business. This can easily be avoided by the use of a tripod, which helps to stabilise your camera, ensuring perfectly still shots.


Video Quality


With great video, comes great responsibility. There is an expectation for videos to be shot in at least HD (1080×1920 px). Fear not, as most smart phones nowadays shoot 4K video—or ultra HD— so there is no need to invest in a high-tech digital SLR. Ensuring high quality video resolution will immediately enhance the quality of your video content.




Video demands the attention of our primary sense of sight, however audio also plays a crucial role in the quality of your video. Don’t make the schoolboy error of focusing all your attention on the way your video looks, whilst forgetting to consider how your video sounds. Tinny audio that is poor in quality can detract from an otherwise successful video. Using an external microphone gives you complete control over audio, whilst avoiding the tin-can syndrome, which can come as a result of using built-in camera microphones.




When producing professional-looking video, consistency is key. Varying light conditions can ruin your shots, so it is important that you are in complete control of your lighting. Consider setting up a lighting system—such as a basic three point system—as this will ensure that your subjects are well-lit, whilst giving your video a professional atmosphere. If investing in professional studio lighting equipment is not a viable option for you, the use of a single spotlight will help to illuminate your subject and control your lighting conditions.




Consistency is vital to your videos success. Make sure you have an eye for detail to ensure that everything is perfect— from the lighting, to the sound, to the shot. If something is not quite right, it will be obvious to your viewers. There comes a point when you have to be self critical—if you’re not one hundred per cent happy with something, redoing it will make the world of difference and you will reap the rewards. The more you put into the video, the more you will get back from your viewers’ response.


Vary your Shots


Whilst consistency is important, variety is vital in keeping your videos interesting. Although sixty seconds might seem like a short period of time; in film it is a lifetime and viewers are likely to switch off after thirty seconds of a talking head. Switching between indoor and outdoor shots will also help to give your video context and make things more interesting.




When it comes to length, keep your videos short and sweet. There is no need to pad your video up with unnecessary content; not only is this the visual equivalent of ‘fluffing’ up an essay, but you will lose the already short attention span of your viewers. Communicate what you want to get across as clearly and concisely as possible, without putting your viewers to sleep.


Act Natural


It can be daunting to act naturally in front of a camera; we can easily become self-conscious and fall into the trap of reading, word for word, from a pre-written speech. Save the teleprompters for the newsreaders on the BBC, and speak directly to your audience to engage and excite them. Remember, the camera is just a tool to enable your message to reach your audience—having someone else standing behind the camera that you can speak to directly can often help you come across as less robotic.




Ultimately, the whole point of your video should be to communicate a message. Script your content thoughtfully to focus your viewers’ attention and capture the unique story behind your business.


Crisp, professional-looking footage is achievable for everyone. Filmmaking has become a democratic medium, and thanks to video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, video has become accessible to the masses.


Something as simple as using a tripod can help save your video from looking sloppy and unprofessional. By making some of these minor adjustments to the way you shoot your footage, you will immediately notice the difference it will make to the quality of your video.


Don’t underestimate the power of well-produced video content.