Are you a curious and open-minded individual who thinks differently? We’re looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic intern to join the Ashton McGill team!

Being good with numbers is a must– you don’t have to be studying Bookkeeping or Accountancy to intern with us – you might have studied design and want to learn more about business. As long as you understand numbers and enjoy solving problems, you’ll be a great fit for the role.

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What You'll Do

You’ll learn how to do Payroll and VAT returns, as well as doing regular bookkeeping reviews with our clients.

We’ll train you how to use accounting and bookkeeping software like Xero, FreeAgent and Receipt Bank, so you can provide support to our clients. You’ll also use the software TaxCalc to setup and maintain clients’ details.

You’ll learn about business and accounting for the future. We’ll teach you design-thinking and how you can apply it to help people grow their businesses.

You’ll also be in charge of routine office admin, such as managing mail for clients, scanning and shredding paper documents and managing files on Dropbox.


We’re not your typical accountants, so this will be a unique opportunity to work with a diverse team of individuals who do things differently. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the above software– as long as you have curiosity and a willingness to learn, we’ll teach you the rest!

Your Qualities

We’re looking for someone who is empathetic, caring and helpful, motivated by our shared desire of helping people run better businesses. You’ll be tech-savvy, good at communicating with the team and with our clients and have a real attention to detail. 

We’re a diverse team of individuals, with a shared background in design and creativity. And we’re passionate about using design-thinking to find new, better ways of doing things, and to help our clients build better businesses. We’re ideally looking for someone with a creative background or an interest in design who’s open to new ways of doing things. Everything we do is thoughtfully designed around the needs of our clients, so you’ll share that same compassion for helping people. You’ll also have an interest in business, with the ability to empathise with other business owners and put that into action to help with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. We’re looking for a sociable and dynamic individual who is also interested in the content we create and the events we host for our clients.

Here’s some of the benefits of working with us…



Coffee and Beer on Tap

We serve amazing coffee from Sacred Grounds and we have a fully stocked beer fridge from our friends at 71 Brewing. We believe the little things matter, and small details can form the cornerstone of a great experience. For us, good coffee is a priority. We source ours locally for our staff and our clients to enjoy.

Informal Environment

We’ve also designed an office space that provides a creative and relaxed environment for our customers and our staff. There’s no suits and ties here and we’ll often enjoy a craft beer in the office on Friday afternoons.

Design Thinking

Taking a design-led approach has helped to shape the creative culture within our organisation and make Ashton McGill a truly rewarding place to work.

Company Trips

We regularly go on team trips to TEDx talks and local events, so there will be the potential for you to get out of the office and join us learning from world leaders and innovators in their field. We also head off to London for conferences like Xerocon throughout the year. 

Not Just a Number

We’re a small team of forward-thinking people, all working together to delight our customers. If you choose to work for us, you will never be just a number. You’ll be valued as an important member of the team.  

Train and Learn

You’ll also receive one on one support from our award-winning team, who have over 30 years of experience in the accounting and business world.


We’re based in a modern city centre office, in the heart of Downtown Dundee. It’s a five-minute walk from the V&A and the train station, ideal for commuting by bus or train. There are also a number of brilliant local cafes and artisan coffee shops for lunch just a stone’s throw away from our office.


Because we’re not traditional ‘accountants’ (in fact, only 3 out of 6 of us are actually accountants!), you’ll develop a unique and diverse set of transferrable skills. Our specialities include design-thinking, business tech and customer experience. We harness the latest tools and technology to add value to our clients, streamline our workflow and provide a customer experience which breaks with convention and puts the client at the heart of the process. If you choose to intern with us, you’ll learn a range of invaluable business skills and get to finely hone your interpersonal skills, working closely with the team and our clients.



Meet our first Intern


Alicia joined us back in the summer of 2018 whilst studying at Abertay and is now a full-time accountant with us, working closely with our clients across a range of different accounting software, she’s our head of all things technology and knows apps like the back of her hand. When she’s not busy crunching numbers, she’s off travelling the world with her camera in her hand. Originally from Catalonia, she brings a little bit of Girona’s sunshine into our Dundee office.

This is a Paid Internship

We value our interns and we don’t believe in exploitation or making you work for free. We value your time as much as we value our own, so if you work with us, we’ll pay you.

Our Manifesto

Be Curious. Never Settle. Challenge The Status Quo. Life & Work in Harmony.
Make a Difference. Enjoy The Journey.

Sound like you? Get in touch by filling out the form below!

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