Powered by Positive

Introducing Powered by Positive

We believe in using business as a force for good to positively impact the communities and the environments in which we live and work. And we believe we can all make a difference when we come together towards a common cause. Powered by Positive is a community initiative built around these core beliefs. We exist to bring thinkers and nonconformists together to create ideas so that we can make positive change. Change that benefits both people and planet.

All great change begins with an idea; a vision for a better world. And when we come together, we can transform our ideas into reality, and amazing things can happen. We’re so excited to launch our latest creative project, Powered by Positive, an initiative designed to benefit people and planet in equal measure.

Why does Powered by Positive exist? 

We believe business is about more than just the bottom line. Our organisations all have an impact on the world around us, and we believe that should be a positive one. Whatever industry you’re in, our organisations all exist to meet needs and solve problems. They are social organisations at heart, built by people, for people. 

What if those people and our planet were just as important as generating profit? What if we redesigned our business models to benefit people, planet and profit in equal measure? And what if we all led with our purpose? Well, we believe we would be living in a much fairer, brighter and better world. A world in which we can all thrive. 

Over the last year, we’ve had lots of different ideas to bring our vision to life. Deeply inspired by this year’s Impact Summit, we explored potential avenues of becoming a B Corporation, a Community Interest Company and a member of 1% for the Planet. These are all movements deeply aligned with our own goals, values and beliefs around people, purpose and business. 

Powered by Positive

After a lot of research, reflection and conversation, we decided to do something ourselves, the Ashton McGill way. We want to make a difference in the communities that we live in, that we work in, that our clients make their livings within. To have an impact on our local communities whilst doing things differently. That’s when we had the idea for Powered by Positive, a collective of people and businesses that can come together for the good of the earth and to benefit the communities in which we live and work. 

The inspiration behind Powered by Positive

We’ve been spending a lot of time working with different organisations that are doing some really cool things at the moment. Organisations that have really inspired our vision for Powered by Positive. It’s been a challenging year for everybody, but one that’s opened up a vista of opportunities, and we’re always uplifted by how people are continuously adapting and responding to the rollercoaster ride that is 2020. 

We talk often about Kate Raworth and the work she’s doing with Doughnut Economics and the Doughnut Economics Action Lab. Kate’s on a mission to create 21st century economies that are regenerative and distributive by design, so that they can meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet. That balance between people and planet is something we’re deeply inspired by, and it’s something we believe we all have a duty to nurture and protect. 

As David Attenborough’s recent documentary has shown, nature is a delicate balance. Our ecosystem is so closely intertwined with the natural world around us, that if our actions negatively impact on that world, it can throw everything out of balance. We’re also living in times of deep economic and social inequalities. Our societies are designed to benefit the few at the expense of others, vast numbers of our population are living in extreme poverty and divisive structures create gaping inequalities which hinder progressive change. These are all extreme challenges that the Doughnut model seeks to address. Kate’s model reimagines a future in which all of humanity thrives in harmony with our planet. It’s a model we’re endlessly inspired by and one we hope to use to propel a better and fairer future for us all.  

And there’s our good friends at Civic Square in Birmingham who keep knocking it out of the park with the work that they’re doing building communities and helping to bring people together. Out of bad often comes good, and it’s really heartwarming to see how people are supporting one another in times of need.

Powered by Positive is a place to amplify these stories of change, community, and innovation, to learn from them and use them to co-create a better world. 

The brand

We thought such a big vision deserved its very own brand, so say hello to the shiny new Powered by Positive brand identity.

Powered by Positive

Powered by Positive
Powered by Positive

With the help of our marketing partner, we’ve designed a fun and vibrant brand identity to sit alongside the Ashton McGill brand. The Powered by Positive brand embodies our purpose to energise, to inspire, and to motivate change. The playful use of type in our logo creates a fun and vibrant identity, whilst the smiling emoticon creatively embodies our purpose to inspire positivity. 

Powered by Positive

Airy, bright colours encapsulate our brand’s purpose to inspire positivity. Earth greens, cool blues and sunshine yellows create an identity that is fresh, vibrant and uplifting, whilst evoking emotions of empathy and joy. Our brand palette also draws from the colours of nature, inspired by our mission to protect our planet.

Powered by Positive

What we stand for

Powered by Positive is driven by a set of core beliefs. Things we hold dear and have in common that are integral to our vision of a better world. 

Helping people & planet.

Making a difference. 

Creating impact.

Changing the world through great ideas.

How we’re going to help 

At the heart of Powered by Positive is turning ideas into action. We’ll be hosting events every fortnight on Tuesday lunchtime where we invite guest speakers to have conversations about different ideas and new ways of thinking. The purpose of these events is to bring thinkers and nonconformists together to create ideas so that we can make positive change. We’d also love to connect and build a community of like-minded people all working together towards a common cause. 

We’ll also be launching our new Powered by Positive programme over the coming weeks. The programme is designed to help organisations do what they do better. As part of that, we’ll provide funding for organisations to do good things, as well as offering time from our team to help with business strategy, accounting or any other areas of the business.   

Let’s co-create change

At its heart, Powered by Positive exists to inspire better, more purposeful ways of living and working, and to open up new possibilities for change. Because we believe that when we lead with our purpose, we’re on the path to creating a better world. 

Join us for our next virtual event on Tuesday 27 October at 1pm where we’re discussing the power of storytelling for businesses to build communities and amplify their purpose. Keep an eye out on our website and social channels for more updates!