The Never Settle Podcast

Our podcast features creatives, entrepreneurs, ambitious individuals & leaders who do things differently. In each episode, we’ll speak to a different guest & challenge them on why they do what they do, what makes them think the way that they do & dig into the journey that’s brought them to where they are today.

Season 4 of the Never Settle Podcast – coming soon!

During the lockdown, we recorded 4 live episodes with some really interesting guests. We’ll be launching the recordings of these episodes over the next few weeks, with the first episode featuring Andrew Ferguson, Co-Founder of Vero Recruitment.

Andrew Ferguson

Episode. 1

Andrew Ferguson

Co-Founder of Vero Recruitment


Episode. 2

Andrew Wildgoose

Founder of Goose’s Quizzes


Episode. 3

Christian & Amber Meier

Founders of La Fabrica, The Service Course, Espresso Mafia

Caroline McKenna

Episode. 1

Caroline Mckenna

Founder of Social Good Connect

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Podcasts We Love

How I Built This – It’s great to hear directly from the founders of some of the world’s most interesting businesses and what actions they took to scale successfully.

Freakonomics – This pod gives an insight into how the world really works. Is there really a home advantage in sports? Do taxes actually work? How does your name impact your career choices? You find yourself fascinated by questions to answers which you never thought you cared about.

A Little bit of optimism by Simon Sinek – Each episode is around 30 minutes long, enough for a good walk, and the discussions have been fascinating, covering topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, service, gratitude and courage. Guests have included Seth Godin, Bob Chapman & Guy Raz.

Earn your Edge – How do the most successful among us Earn their Edge? What separates the highest performers from the average ones? What are the behaviours, mindsets, and tactics deployed by the best in the world and how can you develop those traits?

Watts Occuring – Oh! Watts Occurring? The Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe cycling podcast.