10 Week Business Model Training Course

The amount raised so far is £1500!

You can still join the course, we record every session and it’s available within our online portal when you sign up!

The course will start on 20th of April at 3pm GMT on Zoom and continue every Monday for 10 weeks (1-hour session per week). We’ll also be uploading the videos to a portal if you can’t join us at that time. There will be actionable things to do after each webinar.

We’re suggesting a donation of £25 per person for the course and there’s also an option to donate more or less on the cart page, which we’ll be donating to the team at NHS Tayside – however, if you’re in the position where you can’t donate – don’t worry! Just use the code stayhome at the checkout to sign up for free.

What you will learn, or your teams can learn

How to design, challenge and improve a new or existing business model. We’ll help you harness creative tools like the Business Model Canvas to provide you with a great introduction to design thinking and looking at things differently. Research from the Design Council shows that implementing design in business can have huge benefits for culture and teamwork, and results in happier customers. Taking a design-led approach will help you stay one step ahead of your competition and help your organisation stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to be good at drawing or know how to use Photoshop to be a designer— anyone can use design thinking tools and techniques to make a difference. Design, first and foremost, is all about people. It’s all about questioning things, asking why they have to be that way, and constantly seeking to improve your business model to better meet the needs of your customers. And we’ll teach you how to do that to help you build a more streamlined and customer-centric organisation which is made to last.


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Who are we

At Ashton McGill we’re passionate about people, and frustrated by the way many organisations behave today. They don’t care about their staff or customers. Profit has become their only measure of success. They have no soul.

We’re busier than ever, always connected, searching for that elusive work-life balance. We long for workplaces where we can be ourselves. Where community, passion and purpose sit comfortably together. Workplaces that feed our soul.

We’ve forgotten about compassion, about empathy, about treating people well.

And when we actually do all of those things; when we know Why we do what we do and share that, then amazing things start to happen.

As well as being damn good accountants, we also specialise in helping people build innovative business models. So we’ve created this 10-week Business Model Canvas training course, a creative course for designing, challenging or improving new or existing business models. The canvas can be used in any way you want, even for modelling charities and non-profits, the creative possibilities for designing a customer-centric enterprise are endless!

What is The Business Model Canvas?

It is a creative tool used to map out your business, allowing you to design, challenge and improve your business model or to create one for a new business idea. It fosters new ways of thinking by mapping out your business model into strategically placed categories. The most obvious benefit is that this tool allows you to really understand how any business works, providing a key overview of the whole business model on one page. We use this tool with our customers to help understand their business so we can really get to know them and consistently provide value to them, so this tool is invaluable to us when improving our own service.

We use the business model canvas in workshops across the world with large and small companies, charities and universities and we love teaching people about the canvas. From the 20th April, we’ll be running a 10-week business model training course to help you re-invent the way things are done. Get your teams involved, suppliers and customers – let’s build better organisations together.