The Business Model Canvas eBook


Design plays an important role in everything we do. And taking a design-led approach helps to create truly innovative business models which consistently meet the needs of their customers. A truly successful business model is thoughtfully designed with its customers at its heart. And this customer-centric approach creates loyal, happy customers and builds brand recognition.

As well as being damn good accountants, we also specialise in helping people build innovative business models. So we’ve created this in-depth eBook for using The Business Model Canvas, a creative tool for designing, challenging or improving new or existing business models. 

In this handy little guide, we walk you through the process of designing innovative, customer-centric business models which disrupt the market and stand out from competitors.

The canvas can be used in any way you want, even for modelling charities and non-profits. The creative possibilities for designing a customer-centric enterprise are endless!



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