The Forecast Canvas eBook & Canvas

Let’s face it, business forecasting can be clunky and confusing if you don’t know where to start. And even if you do, it can be pretty inaccessible without the right tools and software. But you shouldn’t have to rely on an accountant or a financial whizz to help you plan for your business. We believe that power should be in your hands. After all, your business is your dream, it’s your livelihood and ambition. You have the right to understand the numbers and to shape the future of your business.


The Forecast Canvas is our user friendly forecasting tool that helps you reimagine your cash flow, making forecasting accessible to business owners on a basic level. It’s a basic tool which allows you to map out your future projections and assumptions to help you budget, plan and prepare to meet targets head-on. And most importantly, it helps you avoid those nasty pitfalls and obstacles looming in the financial year ahead. It’s a creative tool that challenges your assumptions and makes you think differently about your business. No complicated graphs. No clunky excel spreadsheets.


This bundle includes a copy of our Forecast Canvas and a short guide on how to use it to take control of your finances.




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