Strategy for the Year Ahead

Are you doing things because that’s the way they’ve always been done?

As one door closes and another door opens, we’re presented with an opportunity for change.

A new year brings with it the opportunity to look at things from a fresh perspective. The annual marker from one year to the next is a chance for us to reflect, to plan, and to shape the year ahead.

As businesses, a fresh calendar year brings with it the chance to take a fresh approach. To leave behind the aspects of our businesses and our lives that no longer serve us, to embrace the new, to shake up things that have gone stale, and to welcome opportunities for innovation and growth.

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?

The story of the three bricklayers is a long-standing favourite of ours.

It reminds us of the power of purpose. Of the difference between working every day just to lay bricks and working every day to contribute towards a bigger vision, a cause, something greater than ourselves.

A new year is a chance for us to reflect on who we are and where we want to be. Are you aimlessly drifting along lacking purpose, drive, and direction, or are you consciously working towards your vision? Are you just laying bricks or are you building a cathedral?

It’s a chance for us to assess what areas of our businesses and our lives aren’t working and find opportunities to improve them. To take a strategic approach to our goals and long-term vision and shape the path for how we’ll get there.

Visualise your goals and ambitions.

Make 2022 the year of better. Better work, better leisure, better books, better habits, better systems, better businesses.

What are the three biggest challenges in your business currently? What do you want to achieve in 2022 and beyond? What is the ideal future you are working towards?

It can be useful to think about our goals in terms of horizons– current goals, near-future goals, and long term goals– and how we might map and facilitate short, medium, and long-range change.

Design and implement a strategy to achieve them.

There’s no point in setting goals and targets without a game plan to achieve them.

We need a blueprint of our cathedral if we’re ever going to build it.

Horizons mapping helps us reflect on what is currently working in our organisations, what opportunities we have to challenge the status quo and do things differently, and what transformations we can create to shape a better world.

Use reporting tools that enable measurement of performance.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of setting goals and targets and then not measuring them properly, or at all.

To create real change, you need to look at the right metrics– the current data, assumptions, and systems and what stories they tell about the future of your business. You need to understand the numbers behind your business, what they mean, and use them to shape future transformation and build the cathedral you are working towards.

Join us for a workshop on business strategy and goal planning for the year ahead.

Find out how to set impactful goals and targets for your business and how to achieve them in 2022.

We’ll look at different types of goals, what metrics to measure, and how to align these with your wider business vision.

We’ll host another session at the end of the year to reflect on your goals for 2022 and assess their impact.