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The AM Guide to Good Accounting

We live in a time of huge digital transformation. Once monotonous tasks are now happening seamlessly, payments are being processed instantaneously, and transactions are getting reconciled at the touch of a button. As businesses, we’re faced with an ever-expanding range of tools and software, all helping us to work better, smarter, and more collaboratively than ever before.

In a world where we’re empowered to work from anywhere, we believe in challenging the old guard and making our systems work for us.

Nowadays, there’s no reason why a business shouldn’t be harnessing software to help them thrive. Software is like the beating heart of your business. It’s one of the greatest tools for enabling your businesses to grow. Implementing a suite of handy tools will save you time, make your life easier, and help you focus on what you do best. And when it comes to managing your finances, software is the number one tool for helping you build a better, more streamlined, and more profitable business.

At AM, we take a tech-led approach to accounting, helping businesses harness the tools that enable them to grow.

We believe the right accounting setup can empower your organisation and propel your business forward. Take care of the fundamentals like paying bills, managing payroll, claiming expenses, and invoicing clients, all uniquely tailored to the needs of your business. Automate the process, streamline your workflow, and free up more of your time to focus on what you love.

Technology is at its best when it facilitates change and growth. With the right tools, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the numbers, and what they mean for the future. And with reporting tools that drill into the right data, you can gain the insights you need to make the right decisions that take your business to new heights.

Software has revolutionised the world of small business accounting. The trick is knowing how best to use it.

Tell us about your accounting experience.

Your opinion matters to us. We’re driven by an ethos of better, and we want to understand the areas of accounting that small businesses struggle with, so we can help them grow. That’s why we’re in the process of creating an eBook that demystifies accounting and helps businesses take control of their finances.

To help us shape the content of our eBook, we’d love it if you could fill out the short Typeform below. It’s four quick questions about your experience of accountancy, and it’s completely anonymous. We’ll then use the feedback to create an eBook that’s most valuable for you.

We want to understand your challenges as a business and help you overcome them because we care about them as much as you do!