We’re Moving!

Back in 2017, we built Ashton McGill with the aim of truly helping people. Helping them build better, more purposeful businesses. Helping them achieve their big, audacious goals. Two years on, our business has evolved a lot since then, but we’re still driven by that same sense of purpose. We’re so proud of the community we’ve grown, and we’re lucky enough to work with some really exciting and innovative businesses.

But we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. We’re constantly thinking how we can better meet the needs of our clients; how we can continue to grow a supportive, inclusive community that nurtures creativity and collaboration. And with the new year fast approaching, we couldn’t think of a better time to take the next, exciting step in the Ashton McGill journey…

We’re delighted to announce that we’re moving to a new office space at the end of this year. It’s somewhere where we can continue to evolve, grow and shape our vision. A place that enables us to help people build even better businesses. 

Based in Dundee’s quaint Tay Street Lane, our new space has got an amazing private meeting room, nap pod and space for a pizza oven (yes, we’ve bought one already!). But most importantly, it provides the space to bring our community together. 

A Community of Purpose 

Whilst we love our space at The Flour Mill, it’s time to move on to the next chapter. A big part of our future vision for Ashton McGill is building a collaborative and purposeful community with people at its heart. Built by humans, for humans. And we’ve found the perfect space that enables us to do just that. 

It’s a space where we can foster connections, encourage collaboration and grow our community. Somewhere that’s thoughtfully designed from the moment you walk in the door. A space for ideation and design thinking.

With two floors and ample room inside and outside, it’s a place where we can serve freshly cooked, Neapolitan pizza on Friday afternoons. Where we can have parties and outdoor gatherings in the warmer months and host events that bring people together. 

Client Events

Putting on valuable, collaborative events is really important for us. And a big reason for moving is to find a space that gives us more room for events. One that gives us the freedom to use it in any way we can imagine. We now have the space to put on more events for our clients, whether that’s food and a catchup, workshops, drop-in sessions or breakfast clubs. 

We want to build a space that’s more than just an office; we want to create a community hub, with people at its heart. A place that’s aligned with our larger mission of helping people build better businesses. A place that allows us to evolve, grow and add more value to the lives of our customers. 

AM Client Shop

We’ve always loved the idea of having a little shop that features our client’s products. So, the new office will have a mini pop-up shop that rotates monthly, with a selection of products for people to buy from our community when they visit us. All of the sales will go directly to the client and we’ll hook it up with Xero and iZettle of course! 

Free Takeout Coffee

We’re known for our coffee at AM and that’s because the wonderful team at Sacred Grounds create the most amazing coffee in the world. (If you’ve not tried it, you’re seriously missing out!) 

Since our new office is so central, we’ll be offering free takeout coffee for our clients during office hours. Just bring a reusable coffee cup!

The Never Settle Show & The Never Settle Cycle Club

The Never Settle sub-brand continues to grow, and we’ve been working behind the scenes hatching more ideas for what we can do with it. We’re excited to say that we’ll start recording our new YouTube show in the new year, with some amazing guests and content lined-up. 

Since our co-founders Alasdair and Andy are keen cyclists, we’re also excited to introduce the Never Settle Cycle Club. We’ll be doing group rides from our office in the new year, for all abilities. 

Our new office space opens when we return from holidays on the 6th of January, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you all to our new home! We so excited for what the future holds.

Until then, if you’d like to keep up with the big move, tune into our social channels over the next few weeks.

Here’s to the next chapter!