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We’re driven by an ethos of better. Of building better businesses, better teams, and better lives, for ourselves, for our clients, and for the wider communities around us. We exist to help people build innovative business models and human-centred organisations that stand the test of time. Organisations that help to shape a better world.

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For ambitious, forward-thinking businesses who want to grow, Ashton McGill provides simple, smart and supportive accounting services that put the customer at the heart of the process.

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value proposition

How to Build a Value Proposition for your Business

When building the businesses of tomorrow, what separates the doers from the dreamers? The most successful businesses are crystal clear on the value they provide for customers. They design every part of their business to reflect that value, and they communicate it consistently to every customer. They recognise that every touchpoint is an opportunity to…

good accounting

The AM Guide to Good Accounting

We live in a time of huge digital transformation. Once monotonous tasks are now happening seamlessly, payments are being processed instantaneously, and transactions are getting reconciled at the touch of a button. As businesses, we’re faced with an ever-expanding range of tools and software, all helping us to work better, smarter, and more collaboratively than…

Lessons we've learnt from 2020

Lessons We’ve Learnt from 2020

In a year defined by challenge, adversity, and seemingly insurmountable crisis, 2020 has also provided opportunities for change, for innovation, and for growth.  It’s allowed us time to reflect and think deeply about what we do and why we do it. It’s also given us the space to consider how we can continue to make…

AM Gifting Edit Feature Image-01

The AM Gifting Edit

2020 has been a hard year in so many ways, especially for our small business community. Let’s show our loved ones we care with unique gifts from independents and small businesses this Christmas. Here’s a curation of our favourite products from some of our wonderful clients.

using business for good

Using Business for Good

Business can be a catalyst for change. Using business for good can benefit our organisations, our communities and the living world, and it’s a step to creating the kind of future in which we can all thrive.  The most impactful businesses are the ones that generate social and environmental value alongside financial value. They’re businesses…

Powered by Positive

Introducing Powered by Positive

We believe in using business as a force for good to positively impact the communities and the environments in which we live and work. And we believe we can all make a difference when we come together towards a common cause. Powered by Positive is a community initiative built around these core beliefs. We exist…

The Never Settle Podcast


When we’re not busy crunching numbers, we’re also the hosts of Never Settle, a podcast featuring creatives, entrepreneurs, ambitious individuals and leaders who do things differently.