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We’re driven by an ethos of better. Of building better businesses, better teams, and better lives, for ourselves, for our clients, and for the wider communities around us. We exist to help people build innovative business models and human-centred organisations that stand the test of time. Organisations that help to shape a better world.

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For ambitious, forward thinking businesses who want to grow, Ashton McGill provides simple, smart and supportive accounting services that put the customer at the heart of the process.

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Some of the amazing businesses we have the pleasure of working with.


Insights and musings from the AM team.


Finding Passion for Work

Whether you’re running a marathon or running a business, starting is easy. It’s finishing that is the toughest part.

Think Differently

Think Differently: How to Encourage Creativity and Innovation

If we look hard enough, and lift the lid under the kettle, we might just find the inspiration for our greatest idea under our very noses.

Tax Playlist

Tax Playlist

A list of feel-good tax-themed tunes to help you complete your self assessment tax return in style.

Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?

Are You Laying Bricks or Building a Cathedral?

It can be all too easy to miss the cathedral because we’re so focused on laying the bricks in front of us.

value proposition

How to Build a Value Proposition for your Business

When building the businesses of tomorrow, what separates the doers from the dreamers?

good accounting

The AM Guide to Good Accounting

In a world where we’re empowered to work from anywhere, we believe in challenging the old guard and making our systems work for us.

The Never Settle Podcast.

When we’re not busy crunching numbers, we’re also the hosts of Never Settle, a podcast featuring creatives, entrepreneurs, ambitious individuals and leaders who do things differently.