We love helping small businesses

When we speak to business owners about what they want from an accountant, we keep on hearing the same things. Accounting today needs to be about more than doing the compliance stuff. Clients want an accountant who understands their business, communicates in plain English, and helps them to grow.


Everything that we do has been thoughtfully designed around the needs of business owners. We’ve learned what those are from years of research, and we’ve used our design expertise to create an accounting experience that breaks with convention and puts you at the heart of the process. It’s Accountancy re-imagined..


You’re an ambitious business owner who wants to understand the numbers better. You’re an innovator, you do things differently to your competitors, and you use technology to run your business and your life. You need an accountant who’s proactive, who communicates in plain English, who’ll help you grow your business, and who understands the life of an entrepreneur. Hello, that’s us and we’re here to help.


Design isn’t just about shiny products or a new logo. It’s about everything that you do, and putting the customer at the heart of that process. Design is about people. It’s about thinking differently and growing your business. Research from the Design Council shows that investing in design will grow both your revenues and profits.


We’re a group of talented and experienced non-conformists, who thrive on challenging the status quo. We love thinking of creative ways to be disruptive, always asking ‘Why does it have to be that way?’, with the ultimate aim of giving the customer a better experience and helping you to grow.

Software Partners

Here’s a selection of some of the apps & tools we use to help our clients.


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