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Should your organisation be performing better? Are you working harder just to stand still? Our clients bring us in to help with challenges like these every day. We bring our skills, experience and design thinking to help discover what’s gone wrong. Then working together, we generate ideas and develop strategies to solve the problem & help you manage the numbers.

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You Count. We Count.

Your business matters to us. We’re excited to work with you and help you understand your business finances better. Adding stuff up and making sense of the numbers is what we do. Managing your finances and helping you understand them makes us happy.

Winner of Xero's Small Firm of the Year 2020

We’re so humbled to be Xero’s Small Firm of the Year 2020. It means so much to the team and we know it’s going to help our cause so much. Back in 2017, we set up Ashton McGill with the aim of truly helping people. Helping them build better businesses, helping them build more purposeful businesses, helping them achieve their big, audacious goals. Two years on, and we’re so proud of the community we’ve grown and the wonderful communities we’re a part of. We feel truly lucky to work with such amazing people every day and receiving this award has really solidified our sense of purpose. We’re so excited for everything that’s to come and to help more businesses achieve incredible things.

Xero Small Firm of the Year Ashton McGill

Our Why: We love helping people

At Ashton McGill we're passionate about people, and frustrated by the way many organisations behave today. They don't care about their staff or customers. Profit has become their only measure of success. They have no soul.

We're busier than ever, always connected, searching for that elusive work-life balance. We long for workplaces where we can be ourselves. Where community, passion and purpose sit comfortably together. Workplaces that feed our soul.

We've forgotten about compassion, about empathy, about treating people well.

And when we actually do all of those things; when we know Why we do what we do and share that, then amazing things start to happen.

Who We're Helping

Here’s a sample of some of the amazing businesses we have the pleasure of working with.

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Tips for managing teams remotely

Tips for Managing Teams Remotely

As more and more businesses shift towards remote working, there’s never been a better time to invest in your tools and your teams. Above all, it’s important to inspire trust and clarity, whilst ensuring that people still feel like part of your team. So, here are our top tips for managing teams remotely, and some…


How to Future-proof your Business

There’s no denying that we’re living in uncertain times. With Britain now outside the EU, and Covid-19 threatening business operations, travel and supply chains, the future is looking a little shaky. As the situation unfolds, it’s super important to plan for the future of your business and to minimise the impact of any unexpected scenarios.…

How to Finance your fashion business

Accounting for Fashion: Financing Your Fashion Business

Our first article in this series looked at the apps you need to run a successful fashion business. In this second post, we’re delving into funding and the cash flow challenges you’ll face as a fashion business. As a fledgling designer, getting your fashion business off the ground can be a challenge. But there are plenty of…

retail accounting

Accounting for Fashion: The Perfect App Stack

Fashion has to be the coolest of industries. Runways, designers, beautiful people and beautiful clothes, all in the world’s greatest cities. London, Milan, Paris, New York. This year’s Spring Fashion Shows are now in full swing, with Paris last week and New York next week, where we’re lucky enough to be running some workshops.  But…

how to manage cash flow

Our Top Tips to Manage Cash Flow

Cash flow is the key to any successful business. Being able to plan ahead and spot any cash fluctuations in advance will ultimately help you achieve your long-term goals. With over 50% of UK businesses cash flow negative last year, we know getting to grips with cash flow can be a big problem. So, here…


We’re Moving!

Back in 2017, we built Ashton McGill with the aim of truly helping people. Helping them build better, more purposeful businesses. Helping them achieve their big, audacious goals. Two years on, our business has evolved a lot since then, but we’re still driven by that same sense of purpose. We’re so proud of the community we’ve grown,…

The Never Settle Podcast


When we’re not busy crunching numbers, we’re also the hosts of Never Settle, a podcast featuring creatives, entrepreneurs, ambitious individuals and leaders who do things differently.